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Al Ghyth Company established in year 1991 with plant and head office located in Damascus - Syria.

Al Ghyth specialized in producing aluminum shutters in different sizes of high quality and distribute Spanish Awnings, motors and automatic controls for roller shutters .

We are distributors of Gaviota motors and awning of Spanish origin , and ASA the Italian tubular motors.

Also we are distributors of Shade Blinds of MechoShade Systems, USA origin, in different qualities, colors and models.

All had been carefully designed to provide comfort, light control, energy saving, privacy and security.

Quality, diversity, flexibility, innovation and after sale service is our logo to keep good business and reliability of our products in the market.

Al Ghyth Aluminum Shutters:
We produce and assemble in our plant, through the most advanced European machines, distinguished roller shutters in different colors and sizes which its profile produced by introducing together the polyurethane and a blade in aluminum in order to beading the slat and to give substantial increase of resistance.

We produce three sizes, the 426 mm, 500 mm and the 550 mm slat, which provide the shutter an easy and soft rolling movement and enable to install the roller box in small area of nice appearance.

Available in Gaviota the Spanish designs and origin, and ASA the Italian designs and origin.
Both are of good and high quality, with automatic and remote control.
Designed to provide comfort, energy saving and security, of high technology in single, multiple and group remote control; as in the same installation you can alternatively use the portable remote control to activate either single or multiple or group remote control.

Available in Gaviota Brand, of Spanish origin in very nice colors assortment, high quality, perfect designs in different models and sizes which could be assembled and installed over windows, in balconies, gardens, swimming pools and big yards using shade textiles of attractive colors and high quality of aluminum fixtures, bars and accessories providing the awnings a nice and comfortable view.
Also, motors could be installed on these awning for easy use.

Shade Blinds:
Available in MechoShade Systems of USA origin and ThermoVeil Privacy weave shade cloth, tightly woven in a linear weave, also available in Satin and Diamond Group Shade cloth of reversible texture weave, and many other types are available.

All of very nice colors, allows light in from the outside while maintaining privacy at night, washable, flame retardant and fade resistant.

MechoShade Systems offer complete illumination control, produced by tough wearing, and long-lasting materials.

Operated manually by patented assembly with a built-in offset chain-drive which provides a neat, low profile and narrow-edge channels, also could be operated electrically.

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